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All-Day Program for Kindergarten to 6th Grade


2020/21 school year is shaping out to be very different from previous year. Our children have complex schedules fuller than your own, They have to quickly master Google Classrooms, Zoom Meetings, iReady and many other new online tools. And learn to socially interact online with their classmates. All this can be overwhelming for everyone.

We have setup our classrooms to offer a safe and quiet space for children with distance learning to work. We have upgraded our Wi-Fi to easily accommodate everyone's live streaming needs. And our teachers are always present to ensure that our young students are online and present when they need to be and to assist them in navigating their online tools.

And when they're done? We offer all of them enriching classrooms activities as well as opportunities to play outdoor!

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your young student needs and yours. We'd be happy to help!

Distance Learning
Child on Tablet
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