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Quick and Pretty Tree Solar Lanterns


After cleaning up our backyard and adding some pathway lights, our sitting area felt cold and impersonal in the evening. We knew it would benefit from a touch of color. So we decided to add some tree solar lanterns, but could not find something we liked at a reasonable price.

The materials were readily available and cheap, tough. So we set out to built 6 small lanterns for $25 and it took us 30 min to assemble them... We like them and thought someone else may want to do this too!

  • Low cost solar pathway lights ($10 pack of 6 at Target)

  • Vintage Style Mason Jars (Blue, Purple, etc. $10 pack of 6 at Target)

  • Strong soft glue, such as E6000

  • Some string or steel wire


How to assemble the lights:

1. Take apart the solar pathway light, keeping only the top piece with the solar cell and the LED bulb. They are very easy to disassemble.


2. Take off the center part of the jar caps (the flat metal disc with the seal) and glue the solar light tops with the LED facing inside the jars (solar cells on top). Be generous with the glue to create a seal (rain and condensation may get in otherwise).

3. Once the glue is dry enough (a few minutes), screw the cap/solar cells back onto the jars. Using string or wire wrapped tight around the jars neck to create loops to hang the lanterns


4. Hang (don't forget to run them ON...) and enjoy!

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