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Easy Wood Rack For Kids Bikes

Bike Rack_Elliot_edited

I stumbled one too many times on one of my children's bikes and decided to do something about it before I end

up landing flat on my face in our garage...

I built a simple wood rack for their bikes, using two 2x4s and a few screws. It works well and my kids love to park their bikes on it. I built mine for 4 small bikes, but the design can easily be changed for more bikes or bigger bikes (using 2x6 instead). I'm guessing the total cost for this project is under 10$, maybe 15$ if you have to buy a whole box of screws.

Here is what you need:

  • 2 ea, 8' 2x4

  • 32 ea, 2 1/2" wood screws

  • wood saw (easier with a mitter saw)

  • file

  • screw driver (much easier with a drill)

Step 1: Cut one of the' 2x4 into two 3' 5" and cut 8 pieces of 11.5" with the other. Don't forget to clean the edges a little with a file (splitters, tires and kids fingers do not mix well).

Bike Rack_Screws

Step 2: Depending on the screws you are using, you may want to pre-drill the holes on both 3' 5" pieces of wood. Spacing as per Step 3.

Bike Rack_Wheel_edited

Step 3: Assembly. The gap holding the wheel is 2". It works well for most kids bikes, unless it has very fat tires. The gap are 12" apart center. See the (crude) drawing below for the measurements. I used four screws on each piece of 2x4, two on each side.

Bike Rack_Plan

Step 4: Park the bikes!

Bike Rack_Elliot Evan

Hope this works for you!

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