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DIY Water Blobs



Fun guaranteed!

As you may know we have water days every Wednesday during Summer camp. For 3 weeks in a row we’ve built water mats and the kids loved it!

Needless to say that they’ve resisted our 60 preschool and kindergarten kids jumping on them!

Material needed:

– plastic sheeting (we bought two big ones at Lowes 10 ft x 25 ft , 3.5 mil for $10 each)

– iron or even better a flat iron for the hair

– duct tape (1 roll or less)

– wax paper (available in any grocery store)

– food coloring

With that, you’ll have enough to build a big one using one full sheet:


A medium one using a half sheet (we created columns of water in the middle)


And 2 small ones using the other half-sheet



  1. Fold the plastic sheet in half and cut the size you want.

  2. Make sure the edges are aligning

  1. cut about 30 inches of wax paper

  2. water4Fold it in half, length-wise

  3. Start on the opposite side of the plastic fold

  4. Fold the wax paper around the plastic, so that there is wax paper between the iron and plastic, and between plastic and floor.

  5. Iron very slowly but don’t stay too long on a spot or you will melt the plastic and create holes.

  6. Do the whole opposite side of the fold, then the sides, going towards the fold.

  7. If you want to do columns like we did on the medium one, just iron the middle section, leaving space for the water to flow between the columns. Make sure you add another strip of wax paper between the plastic sheet and the floor, and one between the iron and plastic.

  8. Leave a few inches open so you can fill it with water.

  9. Put your water blob on a flat surface and fill it, adding food color (and glitter if you have).!

  10. Duct tape the few inches left.

  11. Sprinkle water on top of it so it is a little bit slippery, and ENJOY!!

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