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Parents' Club

Meet Bonnie Andrade

Parents' Club President

My name is Bonnie Andrade, and I am a first time mom. My daughter Eva is in the Ones' Classroom with Ms. Gloria and Ms. Kimmie. I work in the Human Resources Department at Sacramento Regional Transit.

I agreed to be the Parent Club coordinator because I enjoy being involved with Eva's teachers, her education, and the classroom activities. I believe each child and parent should have the same opportunity and experience if they so choose.


Being a first time mom, I had and still have tons of questions. What age do they learn what? Is Eva behind on her learning in some areas? What do I need to be working on with her? Working full time and continuing my own education doesn't allow much room for me to figure this all out. By the time our children turn three, their brains are more than 80% developed. Their education truly starts as an infant. So why not ask the people who are watching their growth every day... their educators! They are a direct resource for our children's education, growth and development, and their future.

It's easy to pick-up and drop-off every day, getting into the quick same old routine. We are busy people providing for our families. We miss out on a lot while we go to work. My hope is that parents take the time to think about what their involvement means to their children. We are in fact raising the future. Utilize their teachers so we are all on the same page, progressing their education and manners. Voice ideas to better our children, their school, and their education. Volunteer your time to continue in the fun education they are already receiving at The Lil'School.

Please note, I'm still new and am figuring things out as I go. Any comments, questions, thoughts or ideas, I'm here!

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Next Parents' Club Meeting: stay tuned


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