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COVID-19 Update

Our primary concern is the health and safety of the children in our care, their family and our staff. While it would be safer to stay home, our staff feel strongly that we should support the families with essential workers who are risking their health for all of us. We are remaining open to look after their children and the children of the parents who have to return to work under Phase 2.


We are working hard to comply with the requirements set forth by the State of California, the Country of Sacramento, the Department of Social Services and following the CDC guidelines. Here are some of the key measured we have implemented:

•    Mandatory Health Check: every child will be have a health check in the office before getting past the coded door. The child's body temperature will be measured with a no-touch thermometer. If her/his temperature is above normal or any other COVID-19 known symptoms (including, but not limited to fever, shortness of breath, and cough) are noticed, we will not be able to accept the child. The door code has been changed and it is only known to the staff.

•    New drop-off and pick-up procedure: To minimize traffic within our school and to ensure social distancing, parents will drop off and pick-up their child(ren) in the office. A familiar teacher will escort the child(ren) to the bathroom to wash their hands, before leading them to their classroom. 

•    Classrooms capacity will be limited to 10-12 children. Each class will have dedicated teachers and there will be no movement of children between classrooms. Children and staff will wash their hands frequently (as they have already been doing).

•    Operating hours will be adjusted to 7:45m to 5:15pm to ensure we meet the staffing requirements.

•    Outside playtime will be staggered to avoid overlap between classes. Gym, Music, Tennis and Field Trips are suspended until further notice.

•    Our staff and our janitors will keep disinfecting all areas every day with the high use areas done multiple times a day.

•    If a child displays COVID-19 symptoms, the child will be isolated, and parent are required to pick up immediately. Return to the school will not be allowed till cleared by a doctor.

•    If a child or a family member tests positive to COVID-19, the classroom will be closed immediately and we will follow the directives of Sacramento Public Health Office and of the Department of Social Services.

If you have any question or concern, feel free to reach out to us. We hope you stay safe.

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